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The Genesis of Mage Music

The Genesis of Mage Music

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Hello, and welcome! My name is Matt Redinius, and here’s a little bit about how Mage Music came to be..

The Early Years

My musical endeavor began in 1979. I was in 5th grade, and began playing trumpet in the school band in Sheldon, Iowa. Trumpet was not my first choice…
What I really wanted to play was a saxophone, along with half the kids in my class. But, with a last name beginning with ‘R’, you don’t get to pick very early on when going in alphabetical order…

Alas, I wound up on the trumpet. I gave it a shot, and played it for a while, but lost interest pretty quickly. Might not have given them a fair shot, but I also found that horns in general just weren’t my thing, trumpet or sax. I’m not exactly sure where, when, or why, but somewhere around that time I was listening to one of my decade-older-brothers’ albums…….heard THAT lick……….and……..decided that what I really wanted – was a guitar!

The First

So, in my early teens, my mother sought out for me my very first guitar. Bless her heart, but it was a rather poorly made thing that could barely stay tuned and was brutal to play! I noodled around with it a bit, but didn’t really start to study theory or develop my ear until my late teens, when I bought my first “real” guitar from a friend. Looking back now, I really wish I had sought out more instruction in those years. It would have made theory a lot easier to understand, and my practice time a whole lot more productive!

And who knows, I might have even been able to salvage that first guitar…

The Satisfying Struggle

Now, back in those days, before the internet and the ability to get chords and tablature for just about any song in an instant, it was mostly trial and error. In my case, a lot of error. It was extremely slow going, and I would easily get frustrated; because, even if I knew what I wanted to do, without someone to actually show me, it was hard to tell what I was doing wrong!

But, with persistence comes reward, they say, so I stuck with it and gleaned all I could from watching and listening. I studied theory wherever I could, and would apply it to my favorite music. I joined a few bands, got a little stage experience, and consequently sharpened my sense of timing and rhythm.

As a result, I’ve now been enjoying the journey of music study and performance for nearly 30 years, and I must say, it is one of the most rewarding ventures I have ever pursued…

The Idea

In 2008, when my daughter first showed an interest in music, I realized that there is really no way to get guitar instruction, a decent instrument, or get a not so decent instrument or amp repaired in this area without driving to one of the “big cities”.

That can add up to a lot of driving, money, and time!!

I thought that perhaps I could provide an alternative. Make it easier for folks to study music, buy guitars, amps, accessories (all the toys), and get quality instrument and amplifier repair in this area. I also thought that I might be able to put my 25+ years of experience as an industrial electronics technician to good use in performing some really cool amplifier mods and designs! All without having to go to the ‘city’

Hence the idea of Mage Music was born. An avenue to provide quality instruction, instruments, and repair services to residents in west central Iowa and the surrounding areas; with the customer service and attention to detail that only a ‘small town’ can provide!

The Weird Name

My family and I run Mage Music from our home in Kingsley, IA, and in 2017, opened a showroom and service shop in the Orpheum Electric Building in one of the “big cities”, Sioux City, IA.

For anyone curious, the term ‘MAGE’ is an acronym of our family names. My name, Matt; my wife, Ann; and our daughters’ middle names, Grace and Eve.

Plus it has a kinda cool, wizard-y vibe thing going on… ;)

Thanks for having a look around our little corner of the web.

I hope we can be of service to you.

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