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Customer Testimonials and Feedback

Customer Testimonials and Feedback

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Ebay user luganoid said in May 2017 :

Best value guitar I now own. Intonates fantastically and has killer tone. Wow.

Sean G. from Washington said in a message on October 3, 2015 :

I received the L-05 today, and I wanted to thank you personally for this. It exceeds my expectations and is a fabulous acoustic guitar. I have two dreadnought Larrivee’s and expected this guitar would be great, but its better than great, and I appreciate it.

Alex S. from Russia said in an email on June 12, 2015 :

Yes, now I (am) completely satisfied with this little Beauty :) I wish you good luck and wanna say thank you (for) a great instrument!

David A. from Tennessee said in an email on March 18, 2015 :

Hey Matt, I got the bass in the mail last Tuesday…Thanks for the fast shipping and excellent service! The bass is flawless as advertised, and everything I needed! It’s beautiful and it looks and sounds amazing! It’s just what I wanted, thanks again for working with me on it, I’m really happy with it, and I feel lucky to have gotten ahold of one before they’re impossible to find! Thanks again man, hope you have a good one!

A.S. from France said in an email on May 21, 2014 :

I’m very happy. It’s a wonderful guitar that I was looking for a long time. Thank you.

Randy S. from Tennessee said in an email on August 7, 2012 :

..Received the guitar today. Awesome packaging, awesome guitar!! Thanks!…

William F. from Minnesota said in an email on August 1, 2012 :

..You sir are a very honorable merchant, and alot of others could learn from you. I just wanted to thank you because you deserve it.

Ed from Rhode Island said in an email on March 22, 2012 :

..I REALLY want to thank you again for such a great deal on this guitar…The packing was perfect, protected the guitar very well!

Jeff from Pennsylvania said in an email on March 13, 2012 :

…thank you so much, the shipping was fast and excellent Matt you are a person I want to do business with consistently!!! Thanks again. Jeff

Shari E. from Tampa, FL wrote in an email on November 18, 2011 :

You da man! Absolutely gorgeous!!! Actually nicer than I expected…thank you immensely for a beautiful guitar and a great deal.

R.M. from El Paso, TX said in a voice message on November 17, 2011 :

The guitar is just beautiful and in great condition…packed with such care…you have one happy customer…Thank you for a wonderful consumer experience…

Bonanza user Larrivee03 said on July 12, 2011 :

Excellent, conscientious seller. Quality products..nicely shipped. This vendor is the real deal! AAA+++

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5 thoughts on “Customer Testimonials and Feedback

  1. Feel free to leave a comment here if you have something to say about your experience with Mage Music!

    1. NEVER wrote a comment to anyone before, but had to now ! Just got my maple lake elect./acoustic. WOW ! can`t put it down. This guitar is truly remarkable. Sold a 314 ce Taylor last year hated it. Out of the box this thing handles ,sounds ,and plays so much better. I even have the strings it came with on. Can`t wait to string it up with my E.B. Earthwood meds. Thought for sure it would need a set-up . NO it doesn`t. For the money if your thinking of buying one,and there are a lot out there. BUY IT !!! Been playing a LONG time,have played many different guitars,this maple lake kills. Thank you much MAGE MUSIC,fast courteous,service,!! Sincerely, Philip.

      1. Thank you Philip! That is the reason we are here. To make happy customers!
        So glad you enjoy your Wechter!

  2. Matt, once again I want to drop you a note on how much I am enjoying the Tak. You did a fantastic job on setting it up for me, much appreciated!
    I’m designing a carton to ship two guitars at a time to save me shipping costs and so it can be used over and over. Even though I am from Jersey, YOU are going to get my repair business on a few of my Vintage, MIJ Guitars built in the 70’s.
    Thanks again so much,

    1. Thank you very much for the kind words, Kenny. It means a lot to me to have happy customers!


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