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New Gibson Solidbody for 2017?

New Gibson

New Gibson Solidbody for 2017?

A week prior to the Winter NAMM show, the Gibson booth at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas unveiled a new Gibson double cutaway solidbody electric guitar that looks more like a Paul of the Reed Smith variety than the Les.

New GibsonPhoto by Francisco Rivera

Not much is known about this new model, but it appears that the mysterious guitar features the ubiquitous stopbar tailpiece and tune-o-matic bridge found on most Gibson electrics. Also present are the standard two humbucker pickup set with a three way selector switch, but it appears to only have two control knobs. One could assume these controls are for Volume and Tone, but perhaps they could also provide some push/pull options?

New GibsonPhoto from John Cola

There’s a peek or two of the model in the video below, but Gibson appears to be silent on any details, and no mention of this new Gibson solidbody on their website.

I will, of course, post any updates here as they roll in.

So, what do YOU think of this new model? Can Gibson score with an innovative new design, or will it be snubbed by the traditionalist guitar community?

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Yamaha TransAcoustic Guitar Creates Chorus and Reverb Without Amp or External Effects

Yamaha TransAcoustic

Yamaha TransAcoustic Guitar Generates Reverb and Chorus Without Amp or External Effects

One of the coolest devices introduced at the 2016 Summer NAMM show is now shipping to musicians everywhere.

It’s the TransAcoustic guitar from the Yamaha Corporation of America, and it is a game changer!

From the company:

TransAcoustic technology vastly expands the capabilities, versatility and sound of traditional instruments. Originally developed in our acoustic piano division, TransAcoustic technology is now available in the handcrafted Yamaha LL-TA dreadnought and LS-TA concert acoustic guitar.

In essence, TransAcoustic guitar technology adds reverb and chorus to the natural sound of the instrument, emanating from the guitar itself, without having to plug in external effects or amplification.

It accomplishes this feat through the incorporation of an actuator inside the guitar. When the player performs, the strings cause the actuator to vibrate, which is then conveyed to the guitar body and to the air around the guitar, resulting in stunningly authentic reverb and chorus effects.

Three knobs on the side of the guitar provide easy adjustment of the level of the effect, a line out volume level, and an on/off control.

Superior Construction

The two models are available in Vintage Tint and Brown Sunburst finishes with clear pick guards and ebony fingerboards. They each feature a solid Engelmann spruce top that has been aged with Yamaha A.R.E. technology, as well as rosewood backs and sides. This translates into a warm, yet powerful vintage quality tone. Five-ply mahogany and rosewood necks are climate resistant to intonate well and stay intonated over time.

Yamaha TransAcoustic

An SRT piezo pickup provides the guitar’s plugged-in tones. A redesigned battery box is integrated with the guitar’s endpin, reducing acoustic sound loss.

“Whether practicing, writing, recording or just playing for fun, the Yamaha TransAcoustic Guitar will make you play better, longer and with more creativity,” said Dennis Webster, marketing manager, acoustic guitars, Yamaha Corporation of America. “Adding these effects to the natural sound of the instrument is far more enjoyable than a dry-sounding room. Once you’ve experienced it, you’ll never want to play another acoustic guitar again.”

Pricing and Availability

The Yamaha LL-TA dreadnought and LS-TA concert acoustic guitar have an MSRP of $1,600.

For more information, visit the guitar’s page at

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Playback – D’Addario Announces World’s First String Recycling Program


Playback – D’Addario Announces World’s First String Recycling Program

I’ve been playing D’Addario strings for decades, and I remember the first time I bought a pack of Phosphor Bronze Acoustics with the new recyclable packaging. For years, strings came in a plastic pouch, with a paper insert displaying the manufacturer, gauge, etc. The strings inside all had their own individual paper envelope as well. Then came this new package from D’Addario, with a single printed paper envelope, and all the strings inside sharing a single recyclable plastic bag.

I remember thinking how cool that was. I already loved D’Addario strings, but now I had another reason to dig them. They were on the cutting edge of recycling and sustainability in the industry.

Well, D’Addario has done it again, announcing their Playback program, an instrument string recycling initiative. They have teamed with global recycling organization TerraCycle to provide a safe and independent way to recycle and upcycle instrument strings.

Currently, recycling systems in the U.S. do not accept instrument strings because of the metals and alloys they are made from. D’Addario will not only be rewarding players for recycling their own strings, but will also accept all other string brands as part of this program. The program is currently only available in the U.S., and is free for any U.S. resident to participate.

“In many ways, this program speaks to D’Addario’s commitment, not only to its loyal players and social responsibility, but also to its mission of building an ongoing, self-perpetuating cycle of music,” says company CEO Jim D’Addario.

Playback is a part of D’Addario’s Players Circle loyalty program. Once registered, members that recycle strings are rewarded with points, which can be redeemed for new sets of strings, picks, gear and other accessories. The points can also be used to Play It Forward. Members can donate their points to D’Addario’s non-profit organization, the D’Addario Foundation, to help fund music programs in underserved communities.

In celebration of the Playback launch, International Guitar Month and Earth Day (April 22), D’Addario is sponsoring 40 Recycle and Restring events around the country. Players are invited to bring old strings (including their friend’s/bandmates) to participating dealers to recycle and have their strings changed with D’Addario NYXl or Nickel Bronze Acoustic strings. A map of events can be found HERE, and are open to the public. The Playback Restring and Recycle events will take place throughout the month of April, with respective dates for each dealer to be announced shortly.

D’Addario has been consistently committed to environmental issues for many years, a commitment that’s resulted in a 75 percent reduction in packaging waste since the early 1990s, and the most environmentally responsible packaging that is currently on the market. By implementing Playback, D’Addario continues to reinforce its role as an environmental leader in the music industry.

TerraCycle has worked on similar initiatives with Capri Sun, Garnier, Brita, Colgate-Palmolive, and dozens more to find economically viable ways to recycle waste. By finding a new way to recycle a previously un-recyclable product, D’Addario’s Playback program expands on the company’s goal of creating positive social change while minimizing its environmental footprint.

For more information, visit The D’Addario website.

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Scott Weiland, Former Stone Temple Pilots And Velvet Revolver Frontman Dies At 48

Scott Weiland

Scott Weiland, Former Stone Temple Pilots And Velvet Revolver Frontman Dies At 48

Scott Weiland, the former frontman of Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver, died in Minnesota on Thursday December 3, 2015. According to a statement on his Facebook page, he “passed away in his sleep while on a tour stop.”

According to the statement, Weiland died in Bloomington, Minn.on tour with his band, The Wildabouts. Other details, such as the cause of death, were not revealed, citing his family’s desire for privacy.

I personally got to see Scott perform only once, with Stone Temple Pilots at the Pershing Center in Lincoln, NE in 2010. I had heard lots of talk about how Weiland wasn’t very good live, and that he couldn’t hit the notes anymore. They couldn’t have been more wrong. I’ve seen a LOT of live shows in my time, and that STP show in 2010 was absolutely phenomenal! Weiland was perfect. He sang with such force and grace. The songs sounded very, very good, but he gave them a special flair live. It was truly one of the best shows I have even seen, and I’m happy that I got to see him in that light, and in all his glory. He will be missed….

Weiland, whose career was marked by both Grammy Awards and drug and alcohol abuse problems, was the lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots, which had numerous hits in the 1990s, and of Velvet Revolver, a supergroup that paired him with former members of Guns N’ Roses.

At the time of his death, Weiland had been touring with his new band, The Wildabouts. According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, the band’s Thursday night show “was canceled nine days ago because of slow ticket sales.”

It was a far cry from the heights of Weiland’s career, when he became famous both for reeling off chart-topping rock songs and for his wide-ranging fashion sense — from shirtless to shirt-and-tie. Over his career, Weiland sold tens of millions of records worldwide.

His struggles with heroin and other drugs often derailed Weiland over the years, even as he kept performing. Visits to rehab and police stations were also a distraction from the singer’s powerful voice, a gravelly bass that he tamed to sing rock ballads such as Velvet Revolver’s “Fall to Pieces” — a song about a singer struggling with demons, and whose video includes the depiction of a seeming drug overdose.

In 2012, Weiland published a book called Not Dead & Not for Sale, in which he described being the victim of rape as a schoolboy, and in which he detailed his struggles with addiction.

From the prelude:

“Every time I try to catch up to my life, something stops me. Different people making claims on my life. Old friends telling me new friends aren’t true friends. All friends trying to convince me that I can’t survive without them.

“Then there are the pay-for-hire get-off-drugs professionals with their own methods and madness. They help, they hurt, they welcome me into their institutions … and, well, their madness.

“Welcome to my life.”

Portions of this article excerpted from this NPR article : Singer Scott Weiland Dies On Tour At Age 48

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Goodbye To Gravity’s Two Guitarists Among Dead In Bucharest Nightclub Fire

Goodbye to Gravity

Goodbye To Gravity’s Two Guitarists Among Dead In Bucharest Nightclub Fire

According to Ziarul De Iasi, GOODBYE TO GRAVITY guitarists Vlad Telea and Mihai Alexandru (pictured) were among the 27 people who were killed by a fire in Bucharest nightclub last night (Friday, October 30). Lead singer Andrei Galut is in serious condition at Elias hospital with burns on 45 percent of his body and injuries from smoke inhalation. Bassist Alex Pascu is said to be at Spitalul de Urgenţă Floreasca (Bucharest Emergency Hospital), where he underwent surgery.

The fire reportedly started after GOODBYE TO GRAVITY’s pyrotechnical show went awry, causing the ceiling and a pillar to catch alight and producing heavy smoke (see photos below).

Media reported that clubgoers initially thought the flames were part of the show and did not immediately react.

One concertgoer, a Spanish teacher named Delia Tugui, described the incident on her Facebook page. “The lead singer made a quick joke: ‘This wasn’t part of the program,'” she wrote. “The next second, he realized it wasn’t a joke and asked for a fire extinguisher. In 30 seconds… the fire spread all over the ceiling. People rushed to the entrance but it was too narrow, and people panicked. Behind me people stampeded, climbing over each other, to try and get out.”

The concert was supposed to be a record-release party for GOODBYE TO GRAVITY’s new album, “Mantras Of War”.

“I am saddened, but also revolted that a tragedy of this scale could have taken place in Bucharest,” Romanian president Klaus Iohannis said.

“We already have indications that the legal regulations had not been respected,” he said.

“I hope that the authorities manage their inquiry with speed and rigor.”

Local journalist Sorin Bogdan told the BBC that the Colectiv nightclub, housed in a former factory, had two small exit doors, only one of which was possible to open initially.

A witness quoted by Romania’s state news agency said clubgoers had to break the second door down to escape.

23 of the 27 people who died have been identified so far, according to Many of the victims did not have identification on them.

Three days of national mourning have been declared in Romania following the tragedy.

An investigation into the cause of the incident is already underway.

The Station nightclub fire in that killed 100 people in West Warwick, Rhode Island, in 2003 during a GREAT WHITE concert was also blamed on pyrotechnics igniting foam used for soundproofing.

GOODBYE TO GRAVITY started as an unexpected mixture of former members from the heavy metal band THUNDERSTORM (which in their 10-plus years of activity opened for such heavyweights such as JUDAS PRIEST, MANOWAR, HELLOWEEN, RAGE and EVERGREY) and the winner of the 2008 national TV show “Megastar” (Romanian “American Idol” equivalent).

Photos below show fireworks on stage just before the fire and the pillar on fire


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Alice Cooper, Joe Perry Talk Hollywood Vampires Supergroup

Hollywood Vampires

Repost of Blabbermouth article.’s video interview with Alice Cooper and Joe Perry (AEROSMITH) about their HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES supergroup can be seen below.

In 1972, on the Sunset Strip at a club called the Rainbow Bar & Grill, the Hollywood Vampires were born in the upstairs bar. It was a gathering place for the rock stars living in or passing through L.A. “To join the club, one simply had to out drink all of the members,” says Alice Cooper, a founding member of the Vampires. “I would walk in on a typical night,” Alice says, “and John Lennon, Harry Nilsson, Keith Moon — who would usually be in a costume like a maid or a chauffeur — Bernie Taupin, Jim Morrison and Mickey Dolenz would be there. The next week might be Bernie Taupin, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Mickey Dolenz.”

Three years ago, Alice and good friend Johnny Depp got together and decided the spirit of the Hollywood Vampires should live again (minus the drinking). An environment for great artists to hang, laugh and play together. The Hollywood Vampires live again with the release of the HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES album. Alice and Johnny were joined by Joe Perry, who is an old friend of both of them, and the recording began: a tribute to the original Hollywood Vampires.

For the next two years, Alice, Joe and Johnny, joined by producer Bob Ezrin and an amazing group of modern day vampires, including Perry Farrell, Dave Grohl, Sir Paul McCartney, Joe Walsh, Slash, Robbie Krieger, Zak Starkey, Brian Johnson and Kip Winger, recorded tracks by their dead friends and heroes. Also included are two original songs that tell the story of the Vampires, one of which, “Raise The Dead”, has an intro by Sir Christopher Lee, recorded just prior to his death.

The album package, an antique book, was created by noted men’s fashion designer (and rock fan) John Varvatos in his signature vintage style. Alice and Varvatos, both Detroit natives, have been partners in fashion for several years with Alice lending his classic rock style as a brand ambassador.

A sneak peek at the liner notes, penned by original Hollywood Vampire Bernie Taupin, “I’m not here to defend their vices. Over-indulgence of any sort does not ultimately constitute for a healthy mind and body. And while on the periphery of those involved, wives may have come and gone, career choices may have been deemed dubious, and heartbreak in some cases stalked a dark corridor, but in the lair of the Hollywood Vampires only joy and laughter reigned.”

“I’m not completely sure what constituted bad behavior back then, but in this lair it existed in a bubble, a hermetically sealed dome of fun. It may not have been the round table at the Algonquin, but these were witty, intelligent guys who often got raucous and loud, but rest assured there were no bystanders or animals hurt in the making of the Hollywood Vampires.”

All artist proceeds will be donated to MusiCares.

“Hollywood Vampires” will be released on September 11.

The track listing for the CD is as follows:

01. The Last Vampire
02. Raise The Dead
03. My Generation
04. Whole Lotta Love
05. I Got A Line
06. Five To One/Break On Through
07. One/Jump Into The Fire
08. Come And Get It
09. Jeepster
10. Cold Turkey
11. Manic Depression
12. Itchycoo Park
13. School’s Out/Another Brick In The Wall Pt. 2
14. Dead Drunk Friends

Pre-order here.

“The Last Vampire”
Narration: Sir Christopher Lee
Keyboards and Sound Design: Johnny Depp, Bob Ezrin and Justin Cortelyou

“Raise The Dead”
(Johnny Depp, Bruce Witkin, Tommy Henriksen, Alice Cooper, Bob Ezrin, Rob Klonel)
Vocals: Alice Cooper
Guitars: Johnny Depp, Tommy Henriksen, Bruce Witkin
Drums: Glenn Sobel
Bass: Bruce Witkin
Background Vocals: Alice Cooper, Tommy Henriksen, Bob Ezrin

“My Generation”
Vocals: Alice Cooper
Guitars: Johnny Depp, Tommy Henriksen
Bass: Bruce Witkin
Drums: Zak Starkey
Background Vocals: Tommy Henriksen,

“Whole Lotta Love”
Vocals: Brian Johnson, Alice Cooper
Guitars: Joe Walsh, Johnny Depp,
Orianthi, Tommy Henriksen, Bruce Witkin
Harmonica: Alice Cooper
Drums: Zak Starkey
Bass: Kip Winger
Programming: Tommy Henriksen
Backing Vocals: Alice Cooper, Tommy Henriksen

“I Got A Line”
Vocals: Alice Cooper, Perry Farrell
Guitars: Joe Walsh, Johnny Depp, Tommy Henriksen, Bruce Witkin
Drums: Abe Laboriel Jr.
Bass: Kip Winger
Background Vocals: Perry Farrell, Tommy Henriksen, Bob Ezrin

“Five to One/Break On Through”
Vocals: Alice Cooper
Guitars: Robby Krieger, Johnny Depp, Tommy Henriksen
Drums: Abe Laboriel Jr.
Farfisa: Charlie Judge
Bass: Bruce Witkin

“One/Jump Into The Fire”
Vocals: Alice Cooper, Perry Farrell
Guitars: Robby Krieger, Johnny Depp, Tommy Henriksen, Bruce Witkin
Drums: Dave Grohl
Bass: Bruce Witkin
Keyboard: Bob Ezrin, Bruce Witkin
Programming: Tommy Henriksen

“Come And Get It”
Vocals: Paul McCartney, Alice Cooper
Guitars: Joe Perry, Johnny Depp
Piano: Paul McCartney
Drums: Abe Laboriel Jr.
Bass: Paul McCartney
Background Vocals: Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, Abe Laboriel Jr., Bob Ezrin

Vocals: Alice Cooper
Guitars: Joe Perry, Johnny Depp, Tommy Henriksen,
Drums: Glenn Sobel
Bass: Bruce Witkin
Programming: Tommy Henriksen
Background Vocals: Bob Ezrin

“Cold Turkey”
Vocals: Alice Cooper
Guitars: Joe Perry, Johnny Depp, Tommy Henriksen
Drums: Glenn Sobel
Bass: Bruce Witkin
Programming: Tommy Henriksen
Background Vocals: Alice Cooper, Tommy Henriksen

“Manic Depression”
Vocals: Alice Cooper
Guitars: Joe Walsh, Johnny Depp, Tommy Henriksen
Drums: Zak Starkey
Bass: Bruce Witkin
Piano: Bob Ezrin

“Itchycoo Park”
Vocals: Alice Cooper
Guitars: Johnny Depp, Tommy Henriksen
Drums: Glenn Sobel
Bass: Bruce Witkin
Programming: Tommy Henriksen
Background Vocals: Alice Cooper, Tommy Henriksen, Bob Ezrin

“School’s Out / Another Brick In The Wall Pt. 2”
Vocals: Alice Cooper, Brian Johnson
Guitar: Slash, Joe Perry, Johnny Depp, Tommy Henriksen, Bruce Witkin
Drums: Neal Smith
Bass: Dennis Dunaway
Background Vocals: Kip Winger, Bob Ezrin

“Dead Drunk Friends”
(Johnny Depp, Bruce Witkin, Tommy Henriksen, Alice Cooper, Bob Ezrin)
Vocals: Alice Cooper
Guitars: Johnny Depp, Bruce Witkin,
Drums: Glenn Sobel
Programming: Tommy Henriksen
Bass: Bruce Witkin
Piano: Bruce Witkin, Bob Ezrin
Background Vocals: Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp, Tommy Henriksen, Bruce Witkin, Bob Ezrin

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Gibson to Revert Prices and Specs on 2016 Models


Gibson to Revert Prices and Specs on 2016 Models

This article originally appeared on

It seems the higher-ups at Gibson USA have finally heard the outcry of the guitar playing public over the 2015 model line-up. According to information recently made available, the classic American builder detailed a general lowering of prices for the 2016 models as well as an abandonment of 2015 design changes including the controversial G-Force automatic tuning systems.

The price points on the 2016 models will be roughly 20-25% lower than 2015, and comparable to the 2014 catalog. The Les Paul Standard is reported to carry a new price of $2799 while a new SG Standard will list for $1199.

In addition to the price reduction, Gibson is set to ditch such 2015 design updates as the Zero nut, Les Paul commemorative headstock inlay and the installation of automatic tuning machines on every guitar. The available models will be similar to that of 2012 including the reintroduction Faded finish guitars, the Explorer and Flying V Pro.

It’s difficult to say whether this sudden reversal of Gibson evolution will spark a new epoch for the Nashville firm, or if the players who have moved on will stay moved on. For now, we’ll be keeping a close eye on how this turn of events will affect prices on used Gibsons on Reverb.

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Fusion Guitars to Release iPhone Integrated Guitar on Monday

Fusion Guitars

Fusion Guitars to Release iPhone Integrated Guitar on Monday

Fusion Guitars will be releasing “A Smarter Electric Guitar” on Monday August 31, 2015 at noon Pacific time.

According to their website, the Fusion Duo Electric Guitar will feature built-in speakers, amp, recording, apps, and more thanks to being the world’s first and only iPhone-integrated electric guitar that has a built-in amp and high-powered speakers.

The full iPhone integration will allow players to access any and all iPhone apps to help the player learn to play guitar, or to shape and record the sound the guitar will make. Truly an innovation in guitar technology if it lives up to the claims!

Here are some blurbs and features direct from their website:

  • The Fusion Guitar is excellent for all skill levels: learn how to play with YouTube tutorials on your iPhone and master live-performances by using third-party iPhone app effects instead of traditional pedals. Take online lessons, learn through iPhone games, and leave the amp behind!
  • Portable with a built-in speaker system featuring a 20-W amp, speakers and battery pack means you are no longer tied to a power point.
  • Easy to record, loop, playback, and run up to 8 tracks on your virtual iPhone recording studio. Learning is easy with iPhone integration that gives you access to the world’s best guitar tutors via YouTube and Google.
  • Designed by guitarists, for guitarists : Even with it’s features, it’s still a classic guitar at heart. The full-scale maple neck has a premium rosewood fingerboard that leads to two high-output hot rail humbucker pickups.
  • Every guitar app – In your guitar : Stop balancing your phone on your knee or squinting to see it from afar…now it’s secure and in the perfect line-of-sight.

Features :

  • iPhone Dock : Fusion Guitar will be Apple MFi Certified, compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch using supplied interchangeable device docks.
  • Studio Quality Recording : Integrated digital iOS guitar interface with 24-bit / 48 kHz audio conversion gives Studio Quality sound without the actual studio.
  • HD Audio System : 20-Watt Class-D amp module with low noise (-90 dB) drives two Tymphany Pearless® full range speakers for best sound.
  • Solid Construction : At 8lb 9oz (3.9kg), the body is composed from impact-resistant polymer / fiber composite material for excellent drop protection.
  • Humbucker Pickups : High output hot rail humbucker pickups each with a single coil tap. Each coil is 7.8K ohms giving 15.6K ohms in humbucking.
  • Optimized Design : Easier to string than a traditional guitar & uses standard strings. The compact headless, maple neck design is only 33″ (840mm) long.
  • Quick-Charge Power Supply : 11.1-V high capacity 3200 mAh Lithium Ion battery pack with a built-in battery charger – recharges in just over an hour.
  • Premium Features : Premium rosewood fingerboard & medium jumbo frets + patent-pending design that maintains tone of a traditional electric guitar.

And here’s a snazzy video showing it off a little :

There’s a VIP invite sign-up on their website for the launch that will grant the signee some reported big savings if you get in early.

It remains to be seen if the Fusion Guitar will live up to the hype, but I for one am pretty pumped about checking one out. I’ve long been trying to meld portability into my guitar playing (see my post on Traveler Guitars), and there has always been a bit of a ‘disconnect’ when it came to getting the right sound. The sound always seems to suffer a bit when portability is a concern. Even with all of the iRigs and Guitar Ports, and other gadgets, it just never seemed to come together quite right. But this thing could change all that. I guess we’ll see when the reviews start coming out, or when I can get my hands on one! :)

I’ll be sure to post a review when I do. ;)

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Metal Method Videos from 1988 Making Nostalgic Return

Metal Method

Metal Method Videos from 1988 Making Nostalgic Return

This article originally appeared at Guitar World.

Since 1982, Doug Marks has been helping guitarists learn the ins and outs of metal guitar playing with his Metal Method instruction videos.

What started out as a supplement to help Marks achieve his dream of taking on the metal world with his own band quickly became one of the most enduring and successful mail-order guitar lesson courses in history.

From its origins on audio cassette tapes, Marks’ Metal Method developed into a video series that has been updated several times over the years.

For those who are nostalgic for the original videos (and Eighties hairstyles), Marks has begun uploading them to YouTube. On August 16, he uploaded “Metal Tricks,” one of the six original programs from the Complete Basic Course. He plans to upload the rest of the programs from 1988 at his Metal Method site later this week. Check the site for the updates.

And enjoy this blast from the past!

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“Alice In Chains : The Untold Story” First Chapter Posted Online

“Alice In Chains : The Untold Story” First Chapter Posted Online

This article originally appeared at

Journalist David de Sola will release “Alice in Chains: The Untold Story” on August 4.

The book’s entire first chapter can be read on the Macmillan web site.

According to The Pulse Of Radio, Billboard magazine named “Alice in Chains: The Untold Story” in its summer “Must Reads” list, writing: “The early-’90s Seattle grunge band, long overshadowed by its hometown peers, gets its due in this debut book from a Georgetown graduate student. Taking center stage is original frontman Layne Staley who, like Kurt Cobain, found celebrity and success difficult and drugs an easy out. But there’s also a deep dive into the band’s musical influences and its impact on the broader rock scene, explaining both its roots and reach.”

The book is based on interviews with sources directly tied to the band and its history, many of whom are on the record for the first time. De Sola also combed through hundreds of pages of public records to pen what many are hailing as the definitive ALICE IN CHAINS biography.

Among Seattle’s big four grunge bands (NIRVANA, PEARL JAM and SOUNDGARDEN are the others), ALICE IN CHAINS was the first to achieve gold record status and receive national recognition.

With success, came other problems, exacerbated by the limelight. “The Untold Story” explains how drugs nearly destroyed the band and claimed the lives of founding singer Staley and founding bassist Mike Starr. The book also documents the band’s resurrection with new frontman William DuVall, who took Staley’s place behind the microphone in 2006.