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Fusion Guitars to Release iPhone Integrated Guitar on Monday

Fusion Guitars

Fusion Guitars to Release iPhone Integrated Guitar on Monday

Fusion Guitars will be releasing “A Smarter Electric Guitar” on Monday August 31, 2015 at noon Pacific time.

According to their website, the Fusion Duo Electric Guitar will feature built-in speakers, amp, recording, apps, and more thanks to being the world’s first and only iPhone-integrated electric guitar that has a built-in amp and high-powered speakers.

The full iPhone integration will allow players to access any and all iPhone apps to help the player learn to play guitar, or to shape and record the sound the guitar will make. Truly an innovation in guitar technology if it lives up to the claims!

Here are some blurbs and features direct from their website:

  • The Fusion Guitar is excellent for all skill levels: learn how to play with YouTube tutorials on your iPhone and master live-performances by using third-party iPhone app effects instead of traditional pedals. Take online lessons, learn through iPhone games, and leave the amp behind!
  • Portable with a built-in speaker system featuring a 20-W amp, speakers and battery pack means you are no longer tied to a power point.
  • Easy to record, loop, playback, and run up to 8 tracks on your virtual iPhone recording studio. Learning is easy with iPhone integration that gives you access to the world’s best guitar tutors via YouTube and Google.
  • Designed by guitarists, for guitarists : Even with it’s features, it’s still a classic guitar at heart. The full-scale maple neck has a premium rosewood fingerboard that leads to two high-output hot rail humbucker pickups.
  • Every guitar app – In your guitar : Stop balancing your phone on your knee or squinting to see it from afar…now it’s secure and in the perfect line-of-sight.

Features :

  • iPhone Dock : Fusion Guitar will be Apple MFi Certified, compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch using supplied interchangeable device docks.
  • Studio Quality Recording : Integrated digital iOS guitar interface with 24-bit / 48 kHz audio conversion gives Studio Quality sound without the actual studio.
  • HD Audio System : 20-Watt Class-D amp module with low noise (-90 dB) drives two Tymphany Pearless® full range speakers for best sound.
  • Solid Construction : At 8lb 9oz (3.9kg), the body is composed from impact-resistant polymer / fiber composite material for excellent drop protection.
  • Humbucker Pickups : High output hot rail humbucker pickups each with a single coil tap. Each coil is 7.8K ohms giving 15.6K ohms in humbucking.
  • Optimized Design : Easier to string than a traditional guitar & uses standard strings. The compact headless, maple neck design is only 33″ (840mm) long.
  • Quick-Charge Power Supply : 11.1-V high capacity 3200 mAh Lithium Ion battery pack with a built-in battery charger – recharges in just over an hour.
  • Premium Features : Premium rosewood fingerboard & medium jumbo frets + patent-pending design that maintains tone of a traditional electric guitar.

And here’s a snazzy video showing it off a little :

There’s a VIP invite sign-up on their website for the launch that will grant the signee some reported big savings if you get in early.

It remains to be seen if the Fusion Guitar will live up to the hype, but I for one am pretty pumped about checking one out. I’ve long been trying to meld portability into my guitar playing (see my post on Traveler Guitars), and there has always been a bit of a ‘disconnect’ when it came to getting the right sound. The sound always seems to suffer a bit when portability is a concern. Even with all of the iRigs and Guitar Ports, and other gadgets, it just never seemed to come together quite right. But this thing could change all that. I guess we’ll see when the reviews start coming out, or when I can get my hands on one! :)

I’ll be sure to post a review when I do. ;)

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15 thoughts on “Fusion Guitars to Release iPhone Integrated Guitar on Monday

  1. Verrrry Impressive. !!!! I want one.

    1. Me too!

  2. Hey Kyle Buffinton, have you seen this thing? I think it looks pretty sweet, especially if your in to the whole iPhone integration thing :)

  3. I haven’t, but it looks super heavy. Also guitars without head stocks weird me out man. Just not natural.


    I was just looking at this guy though. Almost looks a little “kiddish” if you will.

    1. Hahaha. Ya it definitely needs a screen protector. Plus what happens if you get a call in the middle of a show??

    2. “Hold please I need to take this”

    3. ^^^more bottles^^^

  5. It’s actually under 9 pounds, so not too bad, especially if you’ve ever had a non-chambered Les Paul hanging off your shoulder for any length. ;)

  6. I’ve seen, heard and had a brief play on the Fusion prototype. Seeing and hearing is believing, it is so much fun to play, guitarists who want to improve, experiment, create will love it. The individual elements are impressive; battery, speakers, amp, iPhone dock, but it is the combination of it all in such an integrated, user friendly manner that makes it so special. It had such a great party sound that even my 86 year old father-in-law went nuts dancing madly with my family in the courtyard, the first time I have seen that. Can’t wait for delivery of my Fusion.

    1. That’s awesome! Can’t wait to see one myself..

  7. Well, I finally got notice that my Fusion Guitar has shipped, and should be in my hands by this weekend! I’ll be sure to post a review after putting her through the paces!

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