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Gibson to Revert Prices and Specs on 2016 Models


Gibson to Revert Prices and Specs on 2016 Models

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It seems the higher-ups at Gibson USA have finally heard the outcry of the guitar playing public over the 2015 model line-up. According to information recently made available, the classic American builder detailed a general lowering of prices for the 2016 models as well as an abandonment of 2015 design changes including the controversial G-Force automatic tuning systems.

The price points on the 2016 models will be roughly 20-25% lower than 2015, and comparable to the 2014 catalog. The Les Paul Standard is reported to carry a new price of $2799 while a new SG Standard will list for $1199.

In addition to the price reduction, Gibson is set to ditch such 2015 design updates as the Zero nut, Les Paul commemorative headstock inlay and the installation of automatic tuning machines on every guitar. The available models will be similar to that of 2012 including the reintroduction Faded finish guitars, the Explorer and Flying V Pro.

It’s difficult to say whether this sudden reversal of Gibson evolution will spark a new epoch for the Nashville firm, or if the players who have moved on will stay moved on. For now, we’ll be keeping a close eye on how this turn of events will affect prices on used Gibsons on Reverb.

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9 thoughts on “Gibson to Revert Prices and Specs on 2016 Models

  1. This needed to be done.

  2. Absolutely

  3. Robot tuners on everything not working out?

    1. Stupid idea…

    2. As an option, maybe not so bad, but to shove it down the throat by putting it on EVERY guitar was, yes, stupid indeed.

  4. About time.

  5. The prices are still a bit too steep, but much more reasonable than 2015. With the removal of the G-Force system and the Zero Nut, I’m definitely interested again.

    1. Couldn’t agree more Phil…

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