Guitar and Amplifier Repair

Guitar and Amplifier Repair

Guitar and Amplifier Repair

Instrument Repair

Your guitars and amps are in good hands at Mage Music…

Mage Music offers a full range of professional guitar and amplifier repair service for your stringed instrument or amplifier. From cleanings, restrings and setups, to neck resets, fret work, and complete amplifier overhaul, rest assured that the work performed in our shop will be of the utmost quality. We know that your instrument is important to you, and we treat each and every one as if they were our own!

Evaluations and estimates are always honest and absolutely free!

Mage Music Service Area

Here are just some of the guitar and amplifier repair services that Mage Music offers :

  • Restrings
  • Complete setups including action, pickup, and intonation adjustments
  • Neck (truss rod) adjustments
  • Nut replacement
  • Saddle and bridge work
  • Tuning machine replacement
  • Neck resets
  • Refrets, fret leveling, crowning, and shaping
  • Electronics service on guitars and amplifiers

Amplifier Repair

Pricing :

Prices are subject to change and may vary with the addition of parts or severity of damage, but below are base prices for common service work performed in our shop :

  • Restring: $15 if we provide the strings, $10 if you provide them. (12 string add $10 to each price, Bass guitar add $15 to price of strings if we provide them ($30 total)
  • Guitar or bass setup : $15 without tremolo, $20 with tremolo. $25 with locking tremolo.
  • Neck adjustment : $10 plus setup cost above. (Typically $25 – $35 total)
  • Nut replacement : $25 plus setup cost above. (Typically $35 – $40 total)
  • Saddle replacement : $25 plus setup cost above. (Typically $35 – $40 total)
  • Bridge re-glue : $35 plus setup costs above. (Typically $45 – $50 total)
  • Tuning machine replacement : $15 plus cost of machines.
  • Electronics service : Varies greatly but typically $15 – $30 to repair wiring or solder joints.
  • Tube Bias : $25 – $50 depending on method of adjustment.
  • Amp potentiometer cleaning : $20 – $40 depending on number of pots.

Remember – as always – estimates are as accurate as can be, and absolutely free!

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