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Meet Standley – The First Click-On Guitar Stand


Meet Standley – The First Click-On Guitar Stand

Here’s a pretty nifty gadget that’s gathering funding on Indiegogo right now. It’s a guitar stand that’s almost flat, and you can click it onto the strap post on the bottom of your axe for a very portable guitar stand that won’t get in the way!

Have a read from their Indiegogo page :

The Story behind Standley

Danish musician “Muri” from “Muri & Mario” broke his guitar neck at a band practice two years ago. When it fell, he thought that there must be a simple item that one can clip onto a guitar to make it stand up by itself. No such product existed. After 2 years of designing with a team of dedicated engineers, a simple solution has been created to offer guitar players new freedom.


Standley has four adjustable feet that stand your guitar 5 degrees from vertical. This is where your guitar is most stable.


Danish Design

Standley is simple, elegant and looks great.

Fits any guitar bag

Standley is ideal for traveling due to its size and weight of only 140 grams.

Production and delivery

We work with a manufacturer in China with about 20 years of experience in production of high quality guitar parts and we have partnered with the leading shipping company in Denmark to ensure that you get the product within the scheduled time.

Product availability

Standley gets in the stores worldwide in the beginning of 2017, but you can get it before if you pre-order now.

Affordable price

We have designed the click-on guitar stand with a low cost because we want to offer this product to all guitar players at a very affordable price.

Limited edition.- 25% off market price.

You get a great offer if you pre-order now.

Expected delivery of pre-orders: February, 2017.


1. How does it work?

Click-on Standley to your guitar.


2. Why hasn’t anyone thought about making a click-on stand before?

We won’t reject that someone might have thought about it before us, but we’re the first to realize the idea.

3. Does the guitar get damaged when clicking-on Standley?

No, not if you follow the instructions, but there is always a risk that your guitar can get damaged if you don’t use your guitar gently. Standley is designed to protect the strap-button from being damaged when clicked-on to the guitar. The four adjustable feet are designed in high quality rubber to protect the guitar from being damaged when used in daily routines.

4. Does Standley affect the sound quality of the guitar?

No, two independent sound engineers found no differences in the sound quality when comparing studio recordings with Standley connected to the guitar.

5. Why is 5 degrees from vertical the most stable?

An engineer specialized in geometrics found out that 5 degrees from vertical is the ideal angle for a guitar to stand at after 2 months of research and testing.

6. Why is Standley more convenient than regular guitar stands?

Five good reasons:

  • Integrated – directly connected to the guitar.
  • SGives guitar players a higher degree of freedom than regular guitar stands because the guitar player can immediately place the guitar on the floor.
  • Saves space in your home compared to regular guitar stands.
  • Enables the guitar to fit almost any corner in your home, which means that the guitar is always within reach in your home.
  • Makes your guitar look stylish when standing on the floor.

7. What are the limitations?

We don’t recommend using Standley in highly crowded environments or when performing on stage.

8. Are you interested in feedback from guitar players?

Yes, very much. We encourage you to share your experiences with us. Our goal is to increase the value of your guitar. Therefore, we very much appreciate your feedback to keep improving our products


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