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Paul Gilbert’s PSA about strap length

Paul Gilbert

Paul Gilbert’s PSA about strap length

Here’s a word-for-word reprint of something the uber-talented Paul Gilbert recently posted to his Facebook page. It does a perfect job of setting up the new video below.

“I was making a video for DiMarzio pickups recently, when I felt a sudden urge to make a ‘public service announcement’ about rock-and-roll strap length.

“I suspect I might get in trouble with the high-strap-wearing crowd, but if even one guitarist gets better vibrato because of my message, it will all have been worth it.

“And no matter what height you prefer, DiMarzio makes some great straps.”

This has been a word-for-word reprint of a Guitar World article.

Now for my $0.02…

Personally, I have my guitar sitting just a shade higher than Paul does in the video, but I also believe that strap length and how high you have the guitar will vary from person to person. Remember Vernon Reid?? Anyone going to tell me he was wearing his guitar all wrong to be able to rock out? Didn’t think so….

Anyway, still wise words from the great Paul Gilbert, but don’t worry if you feel more comfortable doing that vibrato a little higher….or even lower!

Rock on!

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