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Vox Launches All Analog AV Series of Modeling Amps


VOX has been building analog amplifier circuits for decades, and they have now put that vast knowledge into a new category of analog modeling amplifiers, offering players a full palette of authentic amplifier sounds via eight, all-analog preamp circuits with the release of the AV (Analog Valve) series. The AV series ushers in a new concept in tube amps, delivering versatile tube sound while still being affordable. Featuring 12AX7 driven preamp and power amp sections, the AV15/30/60 can create eight types of tube sounds ranging from transparently clean to crunchy chime and modern high-gain.

This is accomplished by an innovative Valve Stage section which modifies the circuit to add or reduce brightness and bass response, and allow players to adjust the bias and response of the power section by the twist of a knob. Special attention has been paid to the amp’s analog design. The preamp circuit that shapes the character of the sound is completely analog, and is constructed with a huge number of carefully selected resistors and capacitors. Additional features like a unique, sealed cabinet design, Chorus, Delay & Reverb effects, and a retro aesthetic make the AV Series one the most exciting, and unique, offerings in the VOX lineup.

“The AV Series is perhaps the most revolutionary tube amps in all of VOX’s long history,” shared Brian Piccolo, Brand Manager for VOX. “The signing tone of a tube amp, the stunning presence … there’s a certain sound that can only be attained by analog circuitry, and by a tube amp in particular. While multi-voice tube amps do exist, they are few and far between, and hardly ever affordable.”

“With eight different analog preamp circuits, the AV series is able to accurately reproduce the sound of eight classic tube amps. In addition to the coveted AC30 top boost sound, it also covers a wide range of tones from clean to high-gain, including a sound that is reminiscent of the rare AC15 with EF86 tubes,” added Piccolo.

The cabinet structure of the AV range plays a major role in the sound quality. The baffle and cabinet utilize a one-piece construction, which allows vibration of the speaker to be supported by the entire cabinet, minimizing unwanted vibration and more efficiently reproducing the sound. Front mounting the speaker also achieves a louder and clearer sound that’s less directional and more spacious. In addition, the bass reflex design maintains the low range while delivering a more natural sound balance.

The AV series achieves functionality and expandability, both with a high degree of precision. The headphone amp features a version of the cabinet simulator used in products such as the amPlug series, and additional refinements allow it to convey an even more detailed sense of airiness. The AUX input lets players connect an external audio source, and is equipped with a circuit that compensates for the response of the speaker and cabinet, allowing players to hear sound that’s faithful to the original source. The AV30 and AV60 provide additional expansion potential with send/return jacks for convenient connection of effect units, as well as an external speaker output.

The entire AV Series line is available, AV15: $229.99, AV30: $329.99 and the AV60: $429.99.