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KCAU covers Melissa’s pre-show thoughts….and the guitar she came to love in Sioux City….

Melissa Etheridge

KCAU covers Melissa’s pre-show thoughts….and the guitar she came to love in Sioux City….

And I’m the guy that sold it to her!

By Staci DaSilva

She rocked the house, guitar in hand. But before thousands saw her perform Saturday night at Saturday In The Park, headliner Melissa Etheridge took a few minutes to speak to KCAU.

She has the kind of hit list everyone recognizes (“Come To My Window”, “I’m The Only One”).

But Melissa Etheridge doesn’t have an ego, she has passion. Because music is still her inspiration for the same reason it touches all of us, it’s the way it makes her feel.

“The way I feel playing it. The way it makes people feel when they listen. That exchange of energy, there’s nothing like it in the world,” said Melissa Etheridge.

This year’s Saturday In The Park headliner was just excited to be here. Her favorite part? It was free.

Etheridge said, “This is just an incredible experience. It’s lovely, that’s so perfect.”

But the experience wasn’t the only thing the 2-time GRAMMY winner will bring home from Sioux City.

“As a matter of fact, I bought a guitar here, in Sioux City,” said Etheridge.

Before the show, Etheridge checked out the Sioux City Conservatory Of Music where vintage guitars were on display.

She spotted an 18-string double-headed Gibson. She had been looking for one similar for months now. So while in Sioux City, she saw it and she bought it.

“I’ve never played it, I’m going to go on stage and play it tonight. Guaranteed, we’re going to rock and roll,” said Etheridge.

Never one to fall short on a promise, Etheridge indeed, rocked out, her Sioux City guitar in hand.

Etheridge spent the night relating to her fellow Midwesterners and bringing the 23rd Saturday In The Park to its feet.

And for this rock star, there’s no end in sight.

“There is no end. That’s not how this works. You just keep going, you keep putting the dream in front of you,” said Etheridge.