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Metal Method Videos from 1988 Making Nostalgic Return

Metal Method

Metal Method Videos from 1988 Making Nostalgic Return

This article originally appeared at Guitar World.

Since 1982, Doug Marks has been helping guitarists learn the ins and outs of metal guitar playing with his Metal Method instruction videos.

What started out as a supplement to help Marks achieve his dream of taking on the metal world with his own band quickly became one of the most enduring and successful mail-order guitar lesson courses in history.

From its origins on audio cassette tapes, Marks’ Metal Method developed into a video series that has been updated several times over the years.

For those who are nostalgic for the original videos (and Eighties hairstyles), Marks has begun uploading them to YouTube. On August 16, he uploaded “Metal Tricks,” one of the six original programs from the Complete Basic Course. He plans to upload the rest of the programs from 1988 at his Metal Method site later this week. Check the site for the updates.

And enjoy this blast from the past!