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The Guitar Neck Has Changed Forever

Check out the new Z-Glide neck from DZPL guitars!

I’m thinking about getting one of these myself…they look fantastic, and if this neck is all they say it is.. well, I just gotta try one!

Here’s the description straight from the website :

Turning Conventional Thinking Upside Down…

The conventional thinking is the smoother and glossier the neck, the slicker the feel, but Zelinsky knew the opposite to be true. Here’s a test you can do at home. Put your hand flat on a glass window and see how well it slides. Not good…maybe no slip at all. The Z-Glide’s removal of 70% of the surface area plus its strategically designed pattern totally corrects that undesirable feel.

The Z-Glide Reduced Friction Neck (pat. pend.) utilizes a surface designed to let your hand glide effortlessly up and down the neck. Z-Glide necks eliminate the sticky/clammy feeling gloss lacquered necks are known to produce.

Invented by company founder Dean Zelinsky, the revolutionary Z-Glide guitar neck is achieved by precisely engraving a carefully tested pattern into the back of the neck which reduces surface area by 70% and putting a bit of air between you and your guitar…your hand only comes in contact with 30% of the neck. The Z-Glide was also designed to trap moisture and sweat. The result is an ultra fast neck with a consistent, silky-smooth feel.

“This is likely the first real breakthrough in guitar design in many years. No other company has aggressively addressed the surface feel of guitar necks. For other companies, satin or unfinished necks are the “solution” and has been for years… but neither satin or unfinished comes close to what the Z-Glide achieves in feel and playability.”