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Jimmy Page, and his doppelganger, turn 70

Jimmy Page

The great Jimmy Page turns 70 today. I have no idea how old the Quaker Oats dude is, but is that resemblance uncanny, or what!?

So, here’s a (maybe-not-so) interesting factoid. OK, I do know how old the Quaker Oats dude is. He was the first trademark for a breakfast cereal ever, dating back to 1877, making him roughly 137 years old. That’s almost twice as old as Mr. Page..

Quaker Oats acquired the toy company Fisher-Price in 1969, the same year that the album Led Zeppelin was released, and merely a few days into their first US tour.

One of the coolest Fisher-Price toys (especially for aspiring musicians) was the record player, released in 1971.

Fisher-Price Record Player

And now, we come full circle, tying it all together, as a UK-based tinkerer named Frank Murphy has created new records for the device featuring Stairway to Heaven and the theme to Star Wars.

Have a listen to the Stairway to Heaven disc :

So is this all just pure coincidence?? I think NOT!! :)

What say you?