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Levy’s Leathers Straps Have Arrived!

Levy's Guitar Straps

Levy’s Leathers Straps Have Arrived!

Mage Music is very proud to announce that we are now an authorized Levy’s Leathers dealer, and have received our first shipment of killer straps into inventory!

Levy's Leathers

About Levy’s Leathers

In Antigonish, Nova Scotia, 1973, with a handful of leatherworking tools, a few hides of leather and the exuberance of youth Dennis Levy began crafting and selling a variety of leather goods: belts, watchbands, gun slings and yes – guitar straps. A few years later he met his wife Cheryl Clarke, and together they invested their life savings and hearts and began building the company millions of players have come to know and trust today as Levy’s Leathers Ltd.

Jerome MacPherson was hired to assist in 1975, and together with a small group of leather craftsmen Levy’s began expanding across Canada, quietly developing expertise and improving its products. Harvey Levy joined in 1979. As a lifelong guitar player he was a good fit and had ideas for guitar strap design, recognizing its importance as a fashion accessory.

With their dedication to quality and craftsmanship, hard work and integrity, Levy’s started to grow. Starting locally, it wasn’t long before we were selling our straps nationally and soon enough, with our participation in the major music trade shows in the United States, Europe and China, we expanded our reach world-wide. Levy’s guitar straps are now available in 80+ countries.

From the outset we have kept pace with the ever-changing world of leather making and processing. Innovation is a constant, with equipment and technology always changing. Our buyers and designers, selecting leather from the same tanneries as the elite fashion houses of the world, annually visit fashion-leather shows and leather equipment and technology shows in cities across the globe. Visiting these shows in New York, Toronto, Milan, Las Vegas and Hong Kong we are always looking for the latest trends in leather and techniques for working it. As a result every item Levy’s makes is made from the finest materials which are tailored specifically for each use.

While adopting the latest technology we have not forgotten our art of hand crafting. A video documenting the production of an MSS17, from start to finish, showing the hands-on care given to the creation of each strap –can be viewed in ‘Building Our Straps’. As you will find, the majority of our processes continue to be done by hand.

In our ongoing desire to make the ideal guitar strap for every budget, we boast the widest range of strap options in the world. From the ultimate luxury of the MSS17 to the utilitarian serviceability of the M8, we truly have a strap for everyone, and a strap for every taste – country to blues, rock to jazz, heavy metal to rockabilly.

The dependability and style of Levy’s guitar straps are what make us a favourite of just about every major artist from Merle Haggard and B. B. King, to James Hetfield and The Edge. It would be hard to find a serious guitarist who is not aware of or uses our straps.

Now, 42 years on, a new generation of Levy’s is making its mark, Danica Levy in design, DJ Levy in accounting, and both contributing to and overseeing many operations within the business. With this mix of old blood and new, we have found a certain harmony and continue to grow and evolve while holding true to our roots, all of us dedicated to making the finest guitar straps in the world. Because . . . Your Guitar is Worth It.

So head on over to our Levy’s Leathers section of the shop, and see what we have in stock! Also, we can order anything from the catalog, so have a look at the awesome straps and bags on the Levy’s Leathers website, and if we don’t have it on hand, we can get it for you!