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New Gibson Solidbody for 2017?

New Gibson

New Gibson Solidbody for 2017?

A week prior to the Winter NAMM show, the Gibson booth at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas unveiled a new Gibson double cutaway solidbody electric guitar that looks more like a Paul of the Reed Smith variety than the Les.

New GibsonPhoto by Francisco Rivera

Not much is known about this new model, but it appears that the mysterious guitar features the ubiquitous stopbar tailpiece and tune-o-matic bridge found on most Gibson electrics. Also present are the standard two humbucker pickup set with a three way selector switch, but it appears to only have two control knobs. One could assume these controls are for Volume and Tone, but perhaps they could also provide some push/pull options?

New GibsonPhoto from John Cola

There’s a peek or two of the model in the video below, but Gibson appears to be silent on any details, and no mention of this new Gibson solidbody on their website.

I will, of course, post any updates here as they roll in.

So, what do YOU think of this new model? Can Gibson score with an innovative new design, or will it be snubbed by the traditionalist guitar community?

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Playback – D’Addario Announces World’s First String Recycling Program


Playback – D’Addario Announces World’s First String Recycling Program

I’ve been playing D’Addario strings for decades, and I remember the first time I bought a pack of Phosphor Bronze Acoustics with the new recyclable packaging. For years, strings came in a plastic pouch, with a paper insert displaying the manufacturer, gauge, etc. The strings inside all had their own individual paper envelope as well. Then came this new package from D’Addario, with a single printed paper envelope, and all the strings inside sharing a single recyclable plastic bag.

I remember thinking how cool that was. I already loved D’Addario strings, but now I had another reason to dig them. They were on the cutting edge of recycling and sustainability in the industry.

Well, D’Addario has done it again, announcing their Playback program, an instrument string recycling initiative. They have teamed with global recycling organization TerraCycle to provide a safe and independent way to recycle and upcycle instrument strings.

Currently, recycling systems in the U.S. do not accept instrument strings because of the metals and alloys they are made from. D’Addario will not only be rewarding players for recycling their own strings, but will also accept all other string brands as part of this program. The program is currently only available in the U.S., and is free for any U.S. resident to participate.

“In many ways, this program speaks to D’Addario’s commitment, not only to its loyal players and social responsibility, but also to its mission of building an ongoing, self-perpetuating cycle of music,” says company CEO Jim D’Addario.

Playback is a part of D’Addario’s Players Circle loyalty program. Once registered, members that recycle strings are rewarded with points, which can be redeemed for new sets of strings, picks, gear and other accessories. The points can also be used to Play It Forward. Members can donate their points to D’Addario’s non-profit organization, the D’Addario Foundation, to help fund music programs in underserved communities.

In celebration of the Playback launch, International Guitar Month and Earth Day (April 22), D’Addario is sponsoring 40 Recycle and Restring events around the country. Players are invited to bring old strings (including their friend’s/bandmates) to participating dealers to recycle and have their strings changed with D’Addario NYXl or Nickel Bronze Acoustic strings. A map of events can be found HERE, and are open to the public. The Playback Restring and Recycle events will take place throughout the month of April, with respective dates for each dealer to be announced shortly.

D’Addario has been consistently committed to environmental issues for many years, a commitment that’s resulted in a 75 percent reduction in packaging waste since the early 1990s, and the most environmentally responsible packaging that is currently on the market. By implementing Playback, D’Addario continues to reinforce its role as an environmental leader in the music industry.

TerraCycle has worked on similar initiatives with Capri Sun, Garnier, Brita, Colgate-Palmolive, and dozens more to find economically viable ways to recycle waste. By finding a new way to recycle a previously un-recyclable product, D’Addario’s Playback program expands on the company’s goal of creating positive social change while minimizing its environmental footprint.

For more information, visit The D’Addario website.

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If you’ve ever lusted for a top of the line Strat….

Fender has just introduced their Select Series of guitars and basses. Two Strats, three Teles, a P Bass and a Jazz bass – all with choice tone woods and premium hardware, these are going to be the top of the Fender line, and very much worth checking out. Heck, who knows, they might even be as nice as a G&L ;).

Read the whole story HERE.

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Rocksmith Review from Joystiq

Gotta admit – I was pretty excited to see this game come along. I always lamented about the ‘authenticity’ of games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero (and yes, I sucked at them…) so when I saw ads for Rocksmith, I was elated. Finally! A game that can actually teach players on a real guitar!

Well, here’s a review from Joystiq on the much awaited Rocksmith game, and I have to say, after reading it, I am having some second thoughts. I still think it would do better at being ‘authentic’ than the others, but it seems that some of the problems with it may be too annoying to overcome….

But, read it for yourselves and see what you think.

Rocksmith Review