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Rail Tail Non-Locking Tremolo By Floyd Rose Released

Rail Tail

Rail Tail Non-Locking Tremolo By Floyd Rose Released

Here’s something for all you players out there that love the Strat-style non-locking tremolo, but hate the thing going out of tune each time you use it!

Floyd Rose has released its new Rail Tail Non-Locking Tremolo.

The Rail Tail Tremolo is designed to retrofit your existing Strat-style 6-point tremolo with no modifications to your guitar. It is a full contact, dive-only tremolo that is the result of a clever design merging the feel and reliability of a hardtail bridge with the flexibility of a tremolo system.

With computer design and precision machining, the Rail Tail provides superior performance without compromising comfort or feel while offering a modern look that’s rooted in its ground-breaking predecessors.

The unique features of the Rail Tail allow for it to be adjusted to fit a variety of guitar bodies and for easy DIY installation.

The Rail Tail improves upon the original Strat-style design in every aspect. While the original rocks on a bevel located under the screw heads, the Rail Tail tremolo plate rotates around a precision machined rail that is mounted directly to the guitar body. The plate cradles the entire rail as if they were one unit – improving sound quality and tuning stability. This precision union also creates a greater breakpoint allowing open strings to maintain pitch while bending other strings, much like a hardtail bridge.

The tremolo plate provides adjustability by use of slotted string block mounting holes, allowing the string block to be positioned forward for greater rotational range.

This provides the ability to dive up to 15 degrees more than conventional tremolo bridges.

The advanced string block also consists of mid-positioned tapered string holes to assist in true string saddle contact. Adding to the improvements are the direct-to-plate string saddles. This entire assembly provides the ultimate string to body contact, resulting in better overall sustain and tonal qualities.

I for one, think this is a HUGE improvement to the original Strat-syle trem, and am looking forward to getting my hands on one soon!

Read more about the Rail Tail on the Floyd Rose website.

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