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Why That Schematic And Repair Documentation Provided By Mage Music Is So Unique And Valuable


Why That Schematic And Repair Documentation Provided By Mage Music Is So Unique And Valuable

The poor, misunderstood schematic….

When we can find a schematic, manual, or specification sheet for a piece of audio equipment we are servicing for you (which is nearly every time…), you will be provided a copy of that schematic and documentation with your invoice.
That schematic (or manual / spec. sheet) will also contain notations stating what we did to your prized piece of gear.
It will detail the work that was performed, any parts that were replaced (especially if they weren’t in-kind replacements), any oddities that were found (and may or may not still be that way ;), and general info that will be invaluable to the next person that gets in the thing.

This is something that is severely lacking in the service and repair landscape, and it really shouldn’t be that way. If your technician is competent enough to repair your gear correctly, then they should easily be able to document to you how they did it!

We do.
Most don’t.

The highly valuable, and sometimes irreplaceable schematic….

That documentation is more valuable than the invoice as far as I’m concerned…

Say in 5 years you bring your amp, or whatever noise-maker isn’t making noise to whomever, to have some work done.

I know I won’t care a whole lot about seeing my previous invoice, let alone someone else looking at a 5 year old invoice from some other shop! 

Now, I can usually recognize our work,  but if I can’t,  and you show me that schematic with our handwriting on it? Well, then I’ll know. :)

And if you show it to someone else? I would assume (I know…) that they will be appreciative. And – Bonus! Your repair bill just might even be a little lower, since they won’t have to spend a bunch of time and frustration hunting down a schematic, or figuring out what the last guy did!  

So keep the schematics!!  
They’re not just chicken scratch, trust me.
Well, I have to partially take that back.
As evidenced by the picture accompanying this post…. my shining example…. there’s some actual chicken scratch now and then, but you get the idea… o_O

There’s a wealth of information there for the next dude or dude-ette that fixes your baby.

Even if that’s not me. ;)

May your strings never tarnish!