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Tacoma Guitars now in stock

Tacoma Guitars

Mage Music has four fantastic all USA, all wood, all tone monster Tacoma guitars in stock! Check back in the next few days to see these awesome guitars, and the crazy good prices we’re gonna put on ’em!

Tacoma guitars are no longer available. After Fender MIC bought the company back in 2004, and then ceased production, these guitars have all but faded to oblivion….

However, ask anyone who has ever played a Tacoma guitar, they will tell you first about the booming sound these guitars had. The tone and projection is unmatched in the price point these guitars were sold in, and now you can have one at a fraction of even that price!

Yes, they are refurbished. Yes, the have the delamination issue that virtually every Tacoma suffered from, but in the grand scheme of it all, does it really matter for sound this huge?

I didn’t think so.

Check back in the middle of the week for your chance at one of these beauties.