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International Guitar Month – Most Underrated Guitarist

International Guitar Month

April is International Guitar Month. In honor of thirty days of celebration of our beloved wood-and-wire wailers, let’s hear about your favorite underrated or undiscovered guitarist!

Here’s a few on my list :
Mark Knopfler
The name Mark Knopfler doesn’t normally come to mind when discussing the guitar greats out there, but perhaps it should. The strictly finger-style distinctive sound, along with his indisputable songwriting capability, have produced some fantastic guitar moments. My personal fave – Sultans of Swing.

Yes, he’s a mega-huge pop star, but not usually thrown a vote for one of the guitar gods. Most people don’t even view him as a guitar player. But give a listen to some of the solos on the Purple Rain album, or just watch the solo in the video below, and then come back and tell me Price ain’t a guitar player.

Robin Trower
Casual listeners have probably never even heard of Robin Trower, but do yourself a favor a give the album Bridge of Sighs a listen. You will not regret it. There’s a ton of Robin Trower stuff out there though, so don’t limit yourself to just one!

Chris Duarte
Another great blues payer that many may have not heard of, but yet another that you really should hear. Chris Duarte has put out quite a few great albums, but I personally give a nod to Love Is Greater Than Me. Oh, and don’t forget to catch Chris live at the Hard Rock in Siox City on July 30!

Scott Lucas
Scott Lucas is the lead guitar and bass player for the two man band Local H. Yes, he plays them at the same time. No, he does not use two guitars. What he does use is a custom Strat with a bass pickup installed, and run with a separate output to an octave box. Scott uses quite a few effects to achieve his signature sound, but not overly so. I once saw Local H at Spicoli’s in Waterloo, and when I pointed at a pedal I didn’t recognize in his pedal board and asked what it was, he simply replied – “That is to entertain you with, my friend.”
Maybe not the most technical player on the planet, but you want some feeling and some tone – you can get it here!

There’s so many more out there – the list could go on and on – these are just a few…

So, who do you see out there that is making a guitar sing but yet goes unsung as a guitar god? Let us know!