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Takamine 50th Anniversary Edition G Series Acoustic / Electric Guitar

Takamine 50th Anniversary Edition G Series Acoustic / Electric Guitar

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A limited run steel-string from Takamine with a solid spruce top, intricate inlays and TP4T electronics.

The Takamine 50th Anniversary Edition G Series Acoustic-Electric Guitar is the first “Limited Edition” G Series guitar in their 50 year history. This instrument is built using the same themes used on their collector’s edition T50th commemorative and LTD2012 guitars. These design themes will never again be duplicated.

Solid Sitka spruce and mahogany back and sides give this guitar a powerful voice with excellent projection for outstanding acoustic performance. Team this with a state of the art Takamine TP4T pickup and preamp system for un-matched stage capabilities.

TP4T Preamp Features
The TakamineTP4T preamp found on G-Series guitars features a gain knob, a tuner, an active shelving system EQ with bass, middle, and treble frequency slider controls, and a low battery light. The preamp is switched on by plugging a standard mono instrument cable into the endpin/strap pin jack. Unplugging the cable switches the preamplifier off. The TP4T Preamplifier is powered by a single 9 volt battery.

Gain Control: The gain knob controls the volume of the preamp. Turning this knob all the way to the left will effectively silence the preamplifier. Turning it all the way to the right will produce the maximum output.

Tuner: The tuner in the TP4T is fully chromatic. Press the tuner switch to activate it. The note being played is shown in the digital display along with either an Up or Down arrow. If an Up arrow appears the note is sharp (too high) and needs to be lowered. If a Down arrow appears the note is flat (too low) and needs to be raised. The faster the arrow flashes, the farther out of tune it is. As you bring it closer in tune the speed with which the arrow flashes will decrease. When both arrows appear and they are not flashing the note is in tune. The tuner will automatically shut off after 90 seconds. Note that once the battery drops below a certain voltage level the preamp may still function but the tuner will not. If you are still getting output from the preamp but the tuner is not functioning try changing the battery.

Bass Frequency Slider: This slider allows you to boost or cut the bass frequency
Middle Frequency Slider: This slider allows you to boost or cut the middle frequency.
Treble Frequency Slider: This slider allows you to boost or cut the treble frequency

Low Batter Light: Once the battery drops below a certain voltage the low battery light will come on indicating the need to replace the battery.

For the first time in Takamine’s 50 year history here’s a Limited Edition G Series guitar to commemorate this important milestone!


  • Dreadnought cutaway body
  • Solid sitka spruce top
  • Laminated rosewood back and sides
  • Gloss natural finish
  • 50th Anniversary “Growing Vine” inlay
  • TP4T Preamp

This guitar has been refurbished by MIRC. It is lightly stamped “used” on the back of the headstock, and a new serial number applied to prevent the guitar from being sold as new factory stock. That being said, this guitar is about as close to new as ‘used’ can get! Everything works, plays, and sounds as it should. There have been no structural repairs. There is a top and binding repair that can be seen in the pics. It does not affect the playability or tone whatsoever. This guitar is in beautiful condition and sounds and plays fantastic! You WON’T be disappointed!

Guitar retails for $699.00

Free insured shipping in continental US. All other locations will be charged $125 shipping unless a shipping quote is obtained by contacting us before purchasing.

Appropriate sales tax will be added for buyers in Iowa.

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  1. F*ckin’ awesome things here. I’m very happy to see your article. Thanks so much and i am looking ahead to contact you. Will you kindly drop me a mail?

  2. Just reading about the Takamine 50th Anniversary guitar and I am a little confused.
    In the opening remarks, it states that it is made with Mahogany (laminated) back and sides. In the features list, it states Laminated Rosewood back and sides.
    I own one of these guitars, and I love it, great sound, stays in tune and looks good!
    I am not sure now what it is made from, rosewood or mahogany.
    Maybe some were made with Mahogany and some with Rosewood???
    Any ideas? Thanks.. B.M.L.

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