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TaylorSense Monitors Your Guitar’s Health


TaylorSense Monitors Vital Health Stats of Your Guitar

One of the coolest advances in guitar health technology introduced at this year’s Winter Namm is the TaylorSense from Taylor Guitars.

The TaylorSense is a guitar health monitoring system that puts all of your guitar’s vital health stats in the palm of your hand via a hardware component mounted into your Taylor guitar, and a free app for your iOS device. The hardware will require a Taylor guitar with 9v Expression System ®, ES-T, or ES-N pickup.

taylorsense installation

TaylorSense will alert you when your guitar needs care by communicating via Bluetooth between a smart battery box and the free Taylor Guitars App on your iOS mobile device. Shaped by Taylor’s extensive guitar care expertise, TaylorSense is calibrated to send you timely alerts and includes easy-to-follow videos that show you how to solve problems when they arise.

The TaylorSense battery box contains a digital hygrometer that monitors the humidity level, a temperature sensor, an accelerometer to monitor impacts, and a battery level sensor.

Acoustic guitars in particular, are very susceptible to damage if the guitar is exposed to extremes in humidity or temperature for extended periods of time.
If the humidity levels remain too low or high for an extended stretch, you’ll receive a humidity alert and a link to information on how to remedy your guitar’s condition.
taylorsense humidity

When the temperature becomes dangerous to your Taylor guitar, the system will send an alert and a link to helpful advice from Taylor’s service team.
taylor temperature

While TaylorSense can’t prevent your guitar from being dropped, knocked over, or roughed up during your travels, it can let you know if it suffers a serious blow. If your guitar takes a hit, the device will notify you so you can inspect it more closely for damage. TaylorSense also records the time of the incident, which can help you identify the probable cause. That can come in handy if the incident occurs after you’ve checked your guitar with an airline or when the guitar is at home with kids or pets around.
taylorsense impact

With TaylorSense, you’ll always have a handle on your pickup system’s battery capacity so it doesn’t fail you when it matters most. When your battery life reaches 30%, you’ll receive an alert. You’ll receive one more when it hits 10%. You can also check your battery life anytime through the Taylor App, which means you’ll always know exactly where you stand before a gig.
taylorsense battery

Taylor is estimating release of the TaylorSense in Q2 of 2016. No price has been released as of yet.

You can find out more about the TaylorSense from the Taylor Guitars website.

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