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WiFi Guitar Is Here: Meet Jack


WiFi Guitar Is Here: Meet Jack

You don’t know Jack.

But if his inventor has anything to say about it, you will soon.

Jack is a smart Wi-Fi device that replaces your guitar cable with a “studio-quality 24-bit connection,” according to its creator, John Crawford. Unlike existing wireless devices, it doesn’t use Bluetooth or radio technology, which are slow and cause a loss in fidelity.

Crawford’s patent-pending technology could be used with any musical instrument or microphone to make it a Wi-Fi device.

“This is nearly 13 times quicker than conventional Bluetooth and about three times faster than compressed ‘low-latency’ Bluetooth,” Crawford told The Telegraph U.K.

Ingenious Audio, Crawford’s tiny start-up, is based in Scotland and has successfully funded Jack through a Kickstarter campaign. The company plans to sells the devices packaged as pairs—one for your guitar, one for your amp—and is looking at creating strap-mounted versions.

Jack is designed to fit all guitars, including those with recessed jacks. The body articulates and can be positioned so that it doesn’t touch your guitar. Says Crawford, “You really don’t want to end up with a device that rubs the nitrocellulose finish off a really expensive guitar.”

The device has an integrated battery and charges from a standard micro USB.

For more information, visit WiFi Guitar.

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9 thoughts on “WiFi Guitar Is Here: Meet Jack

  1. Wouldn’t trust it

    1. Seems a little sketchy, don’t it?

    2. I mean it all depends on the router, and even the best one could go out in an instant

      1. It’s point to point, so you won’t need a router..

  2. Any idea if the cost? I’ve always thought about trying one of those but was nervous to spend the mula

    1. Didn’t say. I’d definitely have to mess around with one before dropping any coin…

  3. It’s point to point, so you won’t need a router..

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